This is the CssLsd add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
Its purpose is to enable realtime control of the style of a webpage (only locally of course), by modifying the attributes of different tags.
It was co-designed by Studio Tabaramounien.

Screenshots of tweaked websites :

In order to do so, it receives and parses TCP OpenSoundControl messages on port 8327. You can send these messages using Pure-Data.

Control messages have to be formatted this way :

    • TAG is one of : *, div, span, img, a, p, table
    • ATTRIBUTE one of the properties on this page
    • VALUE is the value you want to set the attribute to.
      Depending on the attribute it is either in pixels, degrees, or an integer between 1 and the maximum possible value, e.g. for font-family.

Special messages are:

  • /lsdcss/reset
    • It allows you to reset the style of the page to its initial state.
  • /lsdcss/scrollx VALUE and /lsdcss/scrolly VALUE
    • If you send these messages with a value between 0 and 100, you can scroll the web page.



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