Tutorial 1 : Understanding How Tapeutape Works

Tapeutape is a virtual sampler, its purpose is to play sounds by sending MIDI notes to it.

  • It has one MIDI input.

  • And as many audio stereo outputs as you want. You can tweak this in the settings tab.

  • A Tapeutape file is composed of setups, which are composed of kits, which are composed of instruments, which are composed of variations. All of these can be edited in the creation tab.

  • A Variation corresponds to a sample assigned to a velocity range.

  • An Instrument corresponds to a range of notes and several variations. It can be a melodic instrument (piano, bass, guitar,...), so the sounds are pitched over the range, or other instruments(drums,noises ...).

  • A Kit can be composed of several instruments. For example you can make a kit for a drumkit (with snare, kick, and toms instruments), but you can also make a kit with several melodic instruments (several violins for example).

  • Finally, a Setup can be composed of several kits, but only one of them is active at a time (e.g receives MIDI messages). The active kit for a setup can be selected with the Execution tab, or by sending a MIDI message.

  • The Setups can be very useful for example if you want to change the drumkit being played in one click or one MIDI message without having to change the MIDI notes sent to Tapeutape. Just create two kits with the same note ranges for their instruments (you can use the copy-paste button for that). Then use the Execution tab (or send a MIDI message) to select the kit that you want to be played.

  • That's the end of this tutorial !
    If you have any questions, please send me an email.

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