Tutorial 2 : Simple Beat Repeat on a Drum Pattern with Tranches

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use the beat repeat function on a rythm played with Seq24 and Tapeutape.

This is how the result should sound:

  • So let's start this tutorial !
  • First of all, download and extract this archive containing the drums samples we are going to use, and the config files for Tapeutape and Seq24:
    These samples come from the OLPC Sound Archive and were given by Jean-Luc Cohen.
  • Start JACK. We are going to use QJackCtl to do this, so we can tweak the audio and midi connections.
  • Start Tapeutape and open the config.tap file in the archive.
  • Start Seq24 and open the pattern.s24 file in the archive. Connect the pattern MIDI output to Tapeutape's MIDI input.

  • Now start Tranches (if you have troubles compiling or installing Tranches, go to the forum to ask for help).
  • Connect the output of Tapeutape to the input of Tranches so we will be able to slice the drum pattern. Then connect the dry output (where the rythm will go when it is not processed by Tranches) and the wet output (where the rythm will go when it is processed by Tranches) to your soundcard output.

  • Now we are going to set Seq24 as the transport master, so that Tranches' slicing is synchronized to the tempo of the drums pattern. Open the options of Seq24 (File->Options), change to the Sync tab, check Jack Transport and Transport Master and press Connect.

  • Set Seq24's tempo to 90 if it isn't already and press the play button.

  • You can now repeat (reversed or not) the playing drums by using the corresponding buttons. While repeating, you can change the slice size (only to a smaller size for now).

  • If you want to use a midi controller to trigger the repeat and change the slice size, first connect your controller to Tranches' MIDI input.

  • Then use the midi learn function in the Settings tab to set the different controls. For example, choose the Trigger Repeat Control, check Active, press the Learn button and then tweak/press a button on your controller. You should now be able to trigger the repeat with that button.

  • That's the end of this tutorial !
    If you have any questions, please send me an email.

  • This is the resulting lash session: TranchesTutorial2Session.tar.gz
    To load it, extract the archive, start Jack (for example with QjackCtl or Patchage) and open the session directory with lash_panel or Patchage. The MIDI connection between Seq24 and Tapeutape doesn't seem to restore, so follow the corresponding step in the tutorial.

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