Tutorial 1 : Understanding How Tranches Works

Tranches is a beat repeat/rearrange/redirection tool. It slices one or several audio inputs and lets you apply effects on these slices. You can then redirect these processed inputs to one of Tranches' outputs. The slicing can be synchronized to JACK Transport if there is a transport master.

  • It has one MIDI input.

  • It has as many 'audio inputs and outputs as you want. For each input there's also a dry- output which is used when the output is not processed.

  • MIDI controls can be changed from the Settings tab. There's of course a MIDI learn button.

  • You can choose which input is going to be processed with a MIDI CC message or in the Execution tab. You can also choose to process all the inputs.
    You can then choose to which output the processed input is going to be sent.

  • You can then change the slice size either with the slider in the Execution tab, or with a MIDI CC message.

  • Finally you can trigger the first effect that is to repeat (and reverse) the current slice, with the buttons on the Execution tab or with MIDI CC messages.

  • That's the end of this tutorial !
    If you have any questions, please send me an email.

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