VjPirate is a visual performance application.
It relies on the concepts of grids and patterns. Each cell of a grid feature several parameters such as color, size, texture, transparency, rotation, vertical and horizontal offsets ... Patterns can be defined on each of these parameters so that several are modified at the same time.

Other parameters include the number of lines and columns of grids, the main opacity.

Modications of parameters can be recorded and looped for each grid. VjPirate can be controlled using the graphical user interface, MIDI messages, OpenSoundControl messages and computer keys.

It is co-designed by Studio Tabaramounien.

VjPirate used for a live performance


VjPirate is only available for Gnu/Linux (for now).

You can dowload the unstable version of VjPirate on launchpad :


You will need scons to compile: type "scons" in the vjpirate directory, it will tell you which libraries you need to install.


Images, Sounds and Videos available under the Free Art License
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