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Some modifications of the wiki. The structure is being changed from fixed Themes to a more flexible structure with tags. This may also allow authors to have personal pages where they can define their own research projects by organizing the referenced links to papers other projects.

Also in addition to the rss feed, there are now e-mail alerts of the modifications (just e-mail me if you want to receive these alerts florent_AT_hitmuri_DOT_net ).

03/01/2011: Welcome to this Wiki about Immersive Virtual Musical Instruments !!

If you want to add informations, you can mail florent_AT_hitmuri_DOT_net to get a writer account. Otherwise, you can still add comments to most pages.

A first issue is the choice of the name of this wiki: Immersive Virtual Musical Instruments ? Immersive Virtual Environments for Music ? 3D Musical Instruments ? Give your opinion on Discussions.Name .

The second discussion is about how we should organize the content. Give your opinion on Discussions.Content .


Page last modified on April 20, 2011, at 08:13 PM
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