Drile is an immersive virtual musical instrument that implements the hierarchical live-looping technique and makes use of interaction techniques and metaphors such as Piivert and the Tunnels. It allows musicians to build and manipulate live-looped musical structures.

  • In collaboration with
    • Martin Hachet, Potioc Team, INRIA, LaBRI
    • Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Sound and Music Modelling Team, LaBRI, Scrime
    • Marcelo Wanderley, McGill University
  • Download
  • Publications
    • DRILE: an immersive environment for hierarchical live-looping pdf
      Florent Berthaut, Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Martin Hachet
      in Proceedings of NIME 2010


Images, Sounds and Videos available under the Free Art License
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