with Iceman Furniss Quartet

Improvised Punk/Noise/Jazz, Bristol, UK (Drums)

@ Café Kino, Bristol, UK

@ Roll for the Soul, Bristol, UK

@ the Stag and Hounds, Bristol, UK

with Ep/64 (Dali de Saint Paul, Alex Jones, Nick Jannaway)

Improvised Screaming / Tweaking / Hitting, Bristol, UK (Drums>FX>Drums)

@ Fête des Métalu, Lille

Domestic Sound Cupboard

Improv(is)ed music, Bristol, UK (Drums / Electronic Drum Pad)

@ Crofters Right, Bristol, UK

@ Crofters Right, Bristol, UK

The Hobart Phase

Improvised AudioVisual Looping Duo, Bordeaux (Electronic Drum Pad / Live-Looping)
with Damien from Tabaramounien
The Hobart Phase


Solo live-looped rough electronic music (Electronic Drum Pad / Live-Looping)

Fraction (2008)


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Des Leurres (2006)

Des Leurres

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